Fleet Marine Life #43 – Knock Knock

2011-05-27-fleetmarinelife43 - Knock Knock


One thing that I won’t miss about the Marine Corps is duty. Duty is when you have to get in uniform and sit behind a desk near your barracks for 24 hours. Your responsibilities are to make sure no one does anything stupid like throw beer bottles out their window and into the parking lot.

If I had duty, I always got stuck with a weekend duty. I felt as if the duty gods  cast a curse upon me especially when I got duty on my last week in the Marine Corps. It’s whatever.

Nothing bad usually happens during the weekdays. Usually you hear something about people breaking into Marines’ rooms for CIF gear or their Playstations. Even with duty present, no one ever gets caught but other than that, nothing normally happens. I believe duty is necessary during the weekends because that’s when Marines usually do dumb shit and I don’t think anyone would be sober enough during the weekend to call PMO or 911.

Nothing usually ever happened to me while I was on duty. The only incident that I can remember is when our platoon’s Shitbag Steve was drunk on a Friday and attacked the Duty NCO over something stupid. Then on the next day, everyone in my platoon was punished for it. Good times.

Anyways, I hated it when my unit fucks up the duty roster and then they go crazy to find someone for duty. It’s usually because the person that they assigned to duty isn’t available but they assigned him anyways. God damn disorganization.

Under my platoon’s level, there was an excel spreadsheet that had 30-something boxes (representing days of the month) next to everyone’s name. If someone was doing something on the 5th of that month, then the box under “5” would be filled with APT (Appointment) or DTY (Duty). Once everyone’s future tasks are filled out, you don’t have to ask everyone again for that month! If someone has to do duty in my platoon and the platoon leader isn’t sure if certain Marines are busy or not, he can check that spreadsheet that’s posted on the bulletin board. That way confusion is avoided and he doesn’t assign people who cannot do duty to duty. If you solve a problem but the same thing continues to reoccur every month, then you probably haven’t solved it at all.

Avoiding Duty since 1775.