Are You a Blacksheep Too?

I served in the MC for 4 years, during that time I was assigned to a CPAC as an 0121 – I was assigned a goddamned cubicle… “fine” I says. “I’ll just work my ass off and someone will notice that I belong somewhere else”. One day my time to shine came – there needed to be audits done, pay rectified, incentives calculated, awards typed and payments disbursed. I took care of all of that shit with one other Marine overnight. OVER-FUCKING-NIGHT. So I received a NAM – that’s right a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Jealousy and general hatred was exhibited by all in the CPAC. God forbid that anyone be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. I guess I should have just went to the barracks and fucked off the night drinking beer and what-have-you instead of taking care of the things that are most important to Marines that are on the front lines like their leave, awards and especially PAY.

So like all other shops in the Corps, where one Devil Dog gets the pat on the back deservedly enough, the rest turn that Marine into the black sheep. The black sheep is now given extra duties like going to Squadron and Shop to conduct audits all by himself. One Colonel sees the true grit and determination of this black sheep and makes a change. He makes this one Marine the liason between the CPAC and the MAG. Meaning that I took the bullshit before it hit the fan.

Where CPAC would fuck you out of days, weeks and even months of pay – I would hold you back. I would make the change seem so fucking minimal that you never knew that they were taking the pay back. They’re the ones that overpaid you right? Fuck them.

You rate an award but your gunny says no? Fuck your gunny I run it anyways and when your gunny comes to complain I tell the SgtMaj. That’s how I roll.

You’ve got leave and you want to use it? Check. Go on leave. Enjoy yourself. When you get back I’ll only charge your leave balance half of what you actually took. Maybe less if I feel good that day.

Can’t get out of your shitty lease? I’ve got you covered. You’re going TAD next week for 5 days but hey! you’re out of your lease.

When it came to standing duty, I would stand duty for Marines on holidays; Christmas? check, Thanksgiving 96? Check. I did it all. Go have your fun Marines! Terminal Lance has this shit.

Who’s assigned to transporting prisoners? Marines? I’ll fucking do it – and I’ll treat them like human-fucking-beings too!

Taking Marines to the hospital a state away? I’ll drive them – and I’ll do it so fucking fast that they’ll have the rest of the day to just fuck about.

Got into a car crash somewhere in Mexico and now you’re scared that the unit will find out and NJP the shit out of both of you because you deploy in 2 days? I’ve got you covered. I pick you up myself and take you to a city hospital where you’re checked out- no harm no foul.

This system is put in place as a control, it runs like a business, they don’t care what you have done.

They don’t care that your cheating bitch of a wife left you and your kids the day you came back from a 18 month deployment after depleting your accounts and maxing out your credit cards with some asshole.

They don’t care that you won’t be able to pay your bills on time.
They don’t care that your shit will be repo-ed.
They don’t care that your credit will be fucked.
They don’t care what you did in Iraq or Afghanistan.
They don’t care that you are missing that leg or other appendage.
They don’t care that you’re missing friends.
They don’t give two-shits that Marines have died.All they care about is the bottom line. Having the system working.They take awards and leave days away that they accidentally gave you.They do it without wondering how it will affect you. Well for 3 years I abused the system through every loophole and Maradmin that I could.
However shady, it was legal enough. I knew my shit better than most.
I was under constant attack from the CO and XO. Constant attack from the CPAC.But I had a SgtMaj and a 1stSgt that knew I did it for one reason and one reason only;I did it for the Marines.

Submitted by: Sergemeister