Fleet Marine Life #29 – Ain’t Like Prison

2011-04-24-fleetmarinelife29 - Ain't Like Prison

A lot of Marines say that the Marine Corps is kind of like prison. Once you sign that contract, you do get held beyond your will but it ain’t that bad!

You get paid well, sort of. The food is good depending on where you are. You get to share a room with one other Marine who isn’t going to butt rape you but he’s probably thinking about it. It ain’t illegal to think but by the way this country is headed, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also, you get to do a lot of cool things, sometimes… On the plus side, just know that you won’t get butt raped.

On a side note, I added the “Hold It Against Me 266 Rein Marines Official video” youtube video link.

Being somewhat hopeful since 1775.

– K