20 year E-6

I spent 20 years in the Marines and retired as an E6, was NJPed on Recruiting duty and told it wouldn’t matter as long as I was successful. Well, made it successfully on Recruiting duty, went to Iraq and still retired as an E6. Was passed over I think 7 times total. Did I think the Marine Corps was biased? YES!!! but I was not a politically correct person while I was in. I hated many years of the time I was in, but also loved times. The Marines are not for everyone and if you cant follow rules prior to going in, DONT go in.

Fleet Marine Life #38 – Recruiting 101

2011-05-07-fleetmarinelife39 - Recruiting 101


I know what you non-militant folks are thinking about the Marines. “Man! What they do is so hard-core! I could never do something like that!” You’d be surprised. The only hard-core thing I did was hard-core police calling (pick up trash) and hard-core skating (aka “my phone was out of power”).

What you see about the Marines in television, movies and other forms of media is only just a small view of it. There is a 99% chance that You will not do any of that shit. But 100% of Marine recruits believe that they will be that 1%. That leaves 99% of Marines disappointed. Oh well.

Being disappointed since 1775.

Who am I, but another troop?

I’m a lance corporal in the Marines and in my btry there are a lot of lances. Well we learned that next month a few are going to be promoted to Cpl’s or corporals.

I’m a lance corporal in the Marines and in my btry there are a lot of lances. Well we learned that next month a few are going to be promoted to Cpl’s or corporals. These are Marines who are lazy, do drugs but don’t get caught, get drunk on a daily basis, and just do not care. Once they become NCO’s this will just give them more of an excuse to make Lances do everything because they are too lazy to do it. It seems that picking up NCO is just a way of not doing anything. Yet the Marine Corps fails to realize that these are the true turds, not the Lance who is working hard and doing everything right but gets yelled at because he didn’t hear his NCO say something and asks him to repeat himself. I joined thinking everything and everyone were equal, but that’s just not the case. And now some of the worst Lances are going to be picking up and that’s just gonna add on to the bullshittery that I see everyday. But who am I, but another troop?…

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 A friend who is now a warrant officer in the Army and did 12 years in the Marines related how the Corps royally fucked up during the 1st wave into Iraq in ’03. I already knew about the tank they lost (!), and some other BS, but to think the retards in Quantico thought just in time delivery for supplies would work in a war zone is the icing on the cake. It’s the main reason why the Army was waiting on the Marines outside Baghdad. In typical blowhard Marine fashion two colonels were relieved of command because they wouldn’t take some bridge or whatever. Turns out they didn’t have the supplies to get there, but were punished for it, anyway.

There’s a Military.com article about a Reserve TOW platoon from Miami who were given shitty equipment in Kuwait before the 1st wave went in; they little time to prepare and no time to scrounge up needed parts, etc. Two or so days into it they dropped their M-16’s due to the fact they ran out of ammo, and picked up whatever weapons they could find like AK’s and the like. I think they even got some Iraqi vehicles but can’t remember. What they did was nothing short of heroic but it’s a black eye on the Corps. They couldn’t even supply their own troops during what was (initially) a fairly easy invasion of a foreign country.

JIT delivery, you gotta be kiddin’ me.

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Fleet Marine Life #6 – An Idea is Born

[I joined the Marines in 2006. It is 2011 (almost 2012) and I have yet to climb a giant cliff only to confront an fire breathing dragon and a SNCO sword… With that said, enjoy one of the earlier FML comics about some idiot joining the Marines because of a commercial with a bit too much fantasy. ~S_The_Mod]




Now, those who have joined the Marine Corps have been sucked into the idea of this “different world” where you slay dragons while driving your tank with hot women clamoring at your body. But it is the exact opposite. You will not slay dragons. You will not drive tanks. You will not have women clamoring at you and if they are, they are probably men.

What do you do if you don’t get to slay dragons all day and night? Stay awhile and find out.

Slaying dragons since 1775. K.