The Real Marine Corps – Marines Urinate on Dead Bodies

The Marine Corps thrives on it’s public image.  Sometimes I wonder what the Marine Corps and it’s Marines would become if that “good image” was taken away and replaced with the truth. But then I remembered, the Marine Corps spends a huge chunk of resources to constantly repair that image when it receives damage. The Marine Corps is really good at lying to everyone… When something like this urinating video pops up on the web, the Marine Corps has to find elsewhere to place blame and spends a FUCK TON of cash and resources scrambling to fix things..

In reality the Marine Corps has produced these people. These warriors of death have been taught everything they know by the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps made these men who they are.  And who knows how much is spent to train a single Scout Sniper, but I know it is over $200,000.00 per warrior, not including the overhead required. I have witnessed shit like this with my own experiences, I have worked with men who have been just as capable of urinating on a corpse or much much worse. It is because the Marine Corps and it’s community that motivated them to feel that way. In bootcamp I was forced to view dozens of videos of Marines killing people while Heavy Death Metal played in the background. We were hardly ever allowed to show signs of excitement or happiness in bootcamp, but we sure were allowed to cheer on Marine “Moto Videos” of people being killed in war. That is about the point in time where new Marines start joking about how fun it would be kill someone. At the time, I did it too. When I was in Iraq, all I wanted to do was kill someone, as did the rest of my unit. Fortunately, most of us did not get our chance.

The thing that really bothers me about this video, is that the only reason this has been brought up is because someone decided to capture it on camera and show the world.  Sadly, sometimes this is the only way to bring big issues into light. What scares me is that I know for a fact that more twisted shit is happening that no one will ever know about.  Man… The Marine Corps is fucking twisted… But technology is catching up with the Marine Corps, and they will not be able to hide it’s true face much longer.

– 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead since 1775