Fleet Marine Life #33 – Keyword Skate

2011-04-28-fleetmarinelife33 - Keyword Skate


Someone told me this acronym one day. I started to follow it when I became completely demotivated and never looked back. Once followed, you will win!

I used to be motivated but motivation only takes you so far. It’s not about what you do but it’s about who you know. And I didn’t know my higher ups that well so I had problems throughout my career.

I eventually got sick of it so I just ended up being a hardcore skater. I know that if I’m going to get low pros/cons for no reason, I might as well earn them. I mean, I can’t get fired! There is a right way to SKATE and a wrong way. I’ll talk more about this later. Proficiency and Conduct Marks account for more than 50% of your score to get promoted. And they’re done by your higher ups and they might not like you just because you happen to like a different football team than him.

I mean, shit! My higher ups never did THEIR JOB and supervised me. Because they never supervised me, they don’t know what I did. And because, they never knew what I really did, they had to just give me whatever pro/con marks with no justification.

The only way that I know if I got pro/con marks is if I randomly check Marine Online one day and I’m not even sure which SNCO gave me them. I mean is this right? Are my Staff NCOs are too cowardly to tell me what my pro/con marks are?

The only reason why they don’t supervise me is because they are afraid. They are afraid of me finding out that they don’t know how to do my job! You can’t supervise something that you don’t know. Little does he know, I already know that he doesn’t know how to do my job!

Skating since 1775.