“Recruiters Don’t Lie” – SSGT3529

“You all need to get a life and stop blaming the Corps for your problems. Your recruiter didn’t lie to you and it’s not your 1stSgt or SgtMaj’s fault. Man the fuck up and look yourselves in the mirror. IT’S YOU THAT IS FUCKED UP! Whether you’re on BCP or have been NJP’d or just can’t hack it, that’s your problem not the Corps’s. All of the tools are there for you. You just have to use them and stop expecting everyone to hold your hand. But it’s ok, because mommy and daddy will take your side of the story and they’ll start blaming the Corps too. They’ll start telling their friends how the Corps messed you up and they’ll let you live in their house where you can eat hot pockets and tell everyone on the Internet that you were a stellar Marine. GO FUCK YOURSELF!” – SSGT3529


“Your recruiter didn’t lie to you” Thank you, I needed that laugh. I’ll admit I had a pretty straight-forward recruiter, but even he lied and sugar-coated things. I remember some of the other recruiters at the station and they were so bad that some times on the ride home my recruiter would tell me things that the other recruiters were just out-right lying about, just because he felt bad for the other kids! So don’t try to tell yourself that recruiters wouldn’t lie to get someone to join because that’s just plain ignorance.

Now, to be fair, I do know a few people who were straight up worthless human beings, compulsive liars, took no responsibility for their actions, I even know one guy who was blaming the cop for his DUI, so I know those people exist. However, some of those people are SNCOs, like the 1st Sgt who decided that “setting the example” meant walking around outside the wire, with no gear, no guards, not even a rifle, just him and his pistol, outside the wire in Afghanistan, and then yelling at one of the guys on guard as he came back inside the wire, because one of them wasn’t wearing gloves.

Next, the whole reason I got out was the hand holding! I expected that after boot camp (Or at least SOI) that they would let you stand on your own two feet. Boy was I wrong, I’ve seen Gunnys and SSgts, holding the Sgts and Cpls hands because the SNCOs don’t trust the NCOs to be NCOs. Meanwhile the NCOs are holding the junior marines hands every step of the way because they don’t dare let the junior marines take responsibility for anything except their failures. Any success is the result of good leadership, any failure is the result of individual incompetence. That way it’s never the SNCOs fault, even if he’s the one who gave the order, and the order was followed to the letter.

Maybe if the so-called “leadership” would actually let junior marines take responsibility for their successes as well as their failures, and would let them stand on their own every once in a while there’d be fewer mishaps. Maybe if you TREATED them like men, they would ACT like men! Amazing huh?

Lastly, no I don’t tell everyone I was a stellar marine. I openly deny that I ever was a marine. When I meet someone I tell them I was in an engineering company that was contracted to do work on a marine base in Afghanistan. That way I can tell them what bottom of the barrel types the marine corps actually is, and how foolish it is for the military to even be over there, without having to admit to ever being a part of such a fucked up institution.

Safety and Peace