BCP separation question

BCP question, I by no means am out of shape, the Navy personnel at the hospital were laughing their asses off when they saw me roll up with a Body Composition Paper to be signed to say my thyroid is ok. They straight up said, you don’t need to be on this program. I throw around 50 cals easy and I’m a SAW gunner, plus I love the gym and to swim. So here’s my questions.
Assuming i “fail” marine corp standards and get admin seperated, what is the discharge? After 6 months with a job does it change to an honorable discharge? If that is the case, and even if it isn’t will I still get the GI bill?
I only feel the need to explain what I look like because this needs to be a conversation about my questions, not some attack on my physical look because some motards think that Im bsing it to make myself look good online.

You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when…

You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when…

* …you think your chain of command gives a shit about you.

* …you honestly think hard work is going to get you anywhere.

* … you get nothing but high and tights

* … you take shitty work with pleasure

* … you think field days do win wars.

* … you willingly accept bullshit

* … you believe that your Sergeant is better physically and mentally than you. (I had a SSGT who couldn’t get a third class PFT and he passed it off as something that doesn’t matter.)

* … you believe anything the higher ups say.

* … you say “OORAH” and “Semper Fi” as much as you say the word “the.”

* … you wear your Service Charlies or dress blues out on leave.

* … you wear your service charlies or dress blues out on leave and you’ve been in the Marine Corps for more than 3 years.

– K



You know you’re a brainwashed fuck when:
a) You honestly and legitemately believe you’re right for no other reason except your rank.
b) You honestly believe everyone below your rank(or in another branch) is an idiot
c) You can’t stand the thought of a website like this that doesn’t exalt your ” beloved corps” (keep your fucking corps BTW)
d) You honestly and legitimately see nothing wrong with getting another person and yelling at them for dumb shit like where they’re hands are at, not getting their hair cut, not getting their hair cut high enough, having they’re hair a little too long, the bun on a girls head, the way someones fucking shoestrings are laced…SHOESTRINGS!!!!…
e) You take immense pleasure in reciting regs like it was the fucking holy word of god
f) You charge at someone with knifehands saying “HEY DEVILDOG!” and end your stupid little ass-chewing with some dumb moto garbage like “you think Chesty Puller would have done that”… like you actually fucking met the man…
g) It just absolutely shocks you that anyone might not want to do this for another 4 years
h) Whenever someone says they don’t want to re-enlist you say ‘OH! what a piece of shit”, You honestly and truly believe that you have the right to judge another human to be a “piece of shit”, because YOUR opinion really matters, right you brainwashed inbred fuck?!?
i) You say garbage like “The corps is getting soft”.. is that so.. then get the fuck out you fucking coward…thats right..you wont, you’re fucking nothing.. a nobody outside this insitution.. Please disgruntled ones.. add on.. how are your fucking “higher ups” proving to you how brainwashed they are on a daily basis..

– F M L

Awesome Vet’s Message to a Master Guns

This was written by K (Owner of www.FleetMarineLife.com) in response to a post a Master Guns wrote trolling on my website.  Thanks K.


MGuns, I just want to say that I will never ever re-enlist in the Marine Corps even if my life depended on it. The Marine Corps is the most inefficient, disorganized, unnecessary, bureaucratic organization run by a bunch of self-serving, arrogant, masochist, egotistical, hypocritical, retarded, ignorant, racist, power-hungry fascist assholes such as yourself. As a free man, I wake up everyday knowing that I’m not oppressed by someone who is so insecure about themselves that they have a need to fill some sick masochist urge to belittle, insult, degrade and even dehumanize those that they were sworn to serve. As a Staff NCO, you should know better than to use your own junior Marines purely for your own self gratification.

Now, you are here on a website created by the hatred of a former Marine who was used, abused and misused. His hatred and disgust of the current state of the Marine Corps was so deep and so vast that he was compelled to create a website venting his anger toward the organization which he once admired so much that he would give his life for it.

Now, you are here insulting us and calling us “whiners” and “pussies.” To be honest, you’re probably one of those Staff NCOs that don’t know what he’s doing. The kind that has never deployed but instead would rather work the system so that he’s in the rear doing the easy shit, out of harm’s way and in the comfort of the amenities of America. The kind that would yell at his juniors when asked a simple question for fear of revealing to them that he is incompetent. The kind that would put himself and his buddies first than his junior Marines. The kind that would punish his junior Marines because a good job wasn’t a good job because you didn’t get an award. The kind that would hold down good Marines just because you felt like it. The kind that would sleep with his junior Marines just because you could. The kind that would bow down to the insane orders of his superiors. The kind that would keep doing the wrong thing over and over again with the belief that you’re right. The kind who runs a “paper” PFT because passing a PFT is beyond one’s grasp. The kind who is overweight yet feels that he is in the right to correct other fat Marines.

Your “dedication of the mission” probably consists of you sitting on your ass all day, watching television in your office, going on youtube while you bark out nonsensical orders. You’re the kind of Staff NCO that would work his men like slaves so that you can chase some stupid medal to advance your career. Your men do all the work and you get all the credit.

You’re the kind of Staff NCO that would rather spend his time insulting us former disgruntled Marines, that you have helped to create, than to actually fix the problems that create disgruntled Marines. I bet this is one of the many ways you get your “masochist fix.” I bet after you retire, you’ll linger around the local PX to yell at current Marines. You won’t know anything outside of the Marine Corps because you’ll be too old and too stupid to know anything else.

Your men probably don’t respect you. Most likely, they secretly hate you but you are so full of yourself that you would believe that your Marines are “in awe” of you. If you were dying, they would unanimously agree to leave you to die and then tell the higher ups that there was nothing anyone can do.

If I was in the Marine Corps for another term, I probably wouldn’t be able to take it. All the injustices, all the immorality, all the selfishness, all the backstabbing, all the stupidity, all the inefficiency, all the arrogance, the list goes on and on. I told myself that I don’t need to take all this suffering. I can do better than this and with that idea, I got out honorably. For those still in the Marine Corps and want to get out, my hat goes off to you. It’s a hard journey but the light at the end of the tunnel is there and it is called the Post 9/11 GI Bill. You just have to walk toward it one day at a time.

I want you to know that I am glad that I am no longer part of this disorganization. The day I held my DD214, my eyes watered up. I knew that I was now a free man. Free to speak, free from stupid rules, free from oppression, free to be, free free FREE!!! So free that I can finally say what has always been on my mind… FUCK YOU MASTER GUNS!