The Corps Has Taken My Identity – okinawa inmate

well i got a doozy for you the past 2 months of my life have been ok..just the same old shit just a different toilet..well heres what happend this weekend and why im in trouble 2 months ago i picked up and got moved into this room with this dude but he was away at boat school so i moved some of the furniture around to fit in a new rack and ive been in there for a few months and made it my own

well before my roommate got back i typed out a list of 12 rules for the room..the funniest shit was all just a joke, like heres rule #12 “# 12) no sitting in the kings chair. you are not king therefore this eliminates any possibilities of you sitting in the kings chair.” ok so if you cant see that this is all just a joke then you must be a marine..before i sold my soul i use to take life as a joke..i loved being funny and laughing and i loved doing funny things..and here i am getting in trouble for something so funny..i mean these rules were hilarious..if i had read them i would have busted up laughing..its just sad that im in trouble for some good humor..they corps has taken my identity..i use to have fun in life and enjoy im bitter and angry at the world..and some times i find the old me and start doin something funny and then here comes the green weenie to beat that shit back in..when i get around my wife i feel like an old man with no personality..shes full of life and just like the old me..what am i now? just an uptight marine that cant let loose..marines are bitter lifesless people..i do know tho that on day ill get it all fact ill finally be states side in 2 months

wheres that guy K at? hes needs to make a comedy about how there is no sense of humor in the corps..even my roommate is saying it was a joke..he even got it..its all bc some body found the paper and turned it in

“no sense of humor since 1775”

Submitted By: okinawa inmate