The Life of a Marine Corps Recruiter Part 5

So it’s been a bit but I had a CFT this last week and during this I thought to myself how does being able to lift a 30 pound ammo can over my head 90 some plus times make me combat effective? The only thing I saw from it was being able to make ones self more effective for a working party. During my times on a deployments’s I have never handed an ammo can 90 plus times to a gunner. Never on a range have I ever had to do that let alone had a whole ammo can to lift maybe 50 rounds from that can is about it. For that matter I don’t remember the last time I did 20 pull ups in combat environment either unless pting. I guess what I feel the Corps needs to is maybe make physical standards more up the ally of what we do like be able to hike with a pack in certain amount of time. Then also maybe some mental test like breaking down a 50 cal and putting it back together. Don’t get me wrong i think physical fitness is important, but I see good Marines who can’t do a lot of pull ups or run well either. That happen to be very fundamentally sound when it comes to knowledge of weapons and can hike 60 miles with a 130 pounds on his back. But yep still a shit bag to the command, but knows more about the stuff that matters then his shit bag NCO’s snorting no explode off each others abbs. He’ll get out though go to college and do great things, and those NCO’s will still make those new young Marines dumber and dumber, because that shit bag isn’t around to show them any more. Best part of recruiting talking to an applicant when the SgtMaj calls to yell at you and putting him on speaker so the kid gets a real taste of it. Stay peachy time to go eat my free Apple Bees meal happy Veterans Day guys.

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  • J.O

    I would just like to let you know that the reason they make you do all those physical activities is not because you will do the same activities in a combat zone, but you will use those muscles. For example, the 90+ 30Lb ammo can, if you are in a firefight, you will be damn exhausted, and lets say your machine gunner needs ammo ASAP, but he is all the way across a street laying down rounds. If you had not worked out those muscles during PT or the CFT, you sure as hell would not have the strength to get across the street, give your machine gunner his candy, and let him lay down some rounds on the sons a bitches trying to kill you and your brothers. Also, it does not matter if you have never handed anyone an ammo can, but if you had to, you and your brothers know you could and would.

    Now for the pull-ups. This one is sweet and short. You are on the edge of a cliff, hanging and about to fall to your death. you have 70+ pounds on you but you have to pull your self up back to safety. You being able to do pull ups will help you pull your self up and join the fight once again. Once again, you might never have to use the strength you gain from performing pull ups, but if you had to, you know it is there.

    The same goes for all military tests. They assure the military that you will be fit for duty, ready to perform the impossible if something were to happen, to defend our country if something were to come between you and our beloved USA.