The Marine Corps is not an “Elite Organization”

“Play Marine”? Would you give the same advice to a SEAL, to put on his uniform and “play SEAL”? In an elite organization, or any organization really, why would you want to keep guys around who aren’t going to add to mission accomplishment, and just go through the motions to avoid making waves? Before I joined, I expected boot camp and the Marines to be some ultimate rite of passage to manhood. I expected overall camaraderie between the ranks, because we were all Marines. In short, I expected a “few good men”. Expecting all this, I trained for about 2 years prior to shipping out.

When I got to boot camp, they were graduating about 600 Marines a week. How well you could drill was more important than how well you could shoot or PT. The majority of my platoon seemed to have just rolled out of bed one morning and decided to sign up for the Marines. Actual comradeship within the platoon was discouraged in favor of giving a handful of recruits positions of “power” over their fellow recruits if they were willing to treat their peers like shit. It didn’t matter how well you performed, you were still fucked with because it was a safe bet that the majority of the platoon had fucked up somehow. We were starved because it was a safe bet that the majority of recruits were overweight. The PT was a joke, because it was a safe bet that the majority of recruits couldn’t even keep up with that. I was expecting BUDs, I got a beauty pageant.

I came to realize that boot camp wasn’t about weeding out the weak, it was a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach to flooding an organization with much needed slave labor. We were treated like shit, because the easiest way to deal with a large group of people is to simply assume that they are all underhanded turds and treat them accordingly, the lowest-common-denominator approach. We weren’t given the opportunity extended to Officers, to drop on request, because we were slaves, not overseers. This allows hundreds of poorly fitting inductees into the organization every month, and initiates them by ingraining into them that the fastest way up the ladder is on the backs of their peers. There are many things that could be changed for the better in the Marines, and the first and foremost would be to encourage those who want to drop out of boot camp to get the fuck out. No more “the fastest way out of here is to graduate” bullshit, it should be “we only want the best of you to stick around”.

Submitted by: freeatlastfreeatlast

  • 53rockwell

    Well I didnt see it that way. I like you trained my mind and body and Soul for the Corps for 3 years. Shorinryu Karatedo, marksmanship and pt. When I got to boot in San Diego I saw a bunch of Chicago gangsters give a beat down to a fellow recruit on mess duty. I stepped up. Never made guide or squad leader,but I out homped the best on Mount Motherfucker, I caught a recruit going over the fence while doing guard duty, I was tied for high score at Edison-range for our training platoon. I had a ball.I did get shin splints and the runs were painfull , but I knew the only way out was Forward,one day at a time, and I didnt quit.

    • 53rockwell

      This was Vietnam era and everybody knew the war was a loser,so morale was low. I do remember having to help another recruit who couldnt read ,learn his book. Yeh LCD . You might have nailed it.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      Reading your buildup and conduct during training then, your attitude would have served you well in an actual selection process. I want to draw attention to you catching of a recruit trying to jump the fence during training, because it illustrates my point. I argued in this article that the Marines would be well served by abolishing the quota system in the MCRDs, and allow quick and easy release if recruits want it. If you want to DOR out of fucking boot camp, you shouldn’t be there let alone the fleet. This would be contingent on the Marines making themselves smaller and seeking out quality instead of quantity.

      I also need to point out that your views on boot camp and the fleet are 40-50 years removed from how it currently is. You’re writing from the standpoint of the Vietnam era, a war that would eventually cost the lives of 60,000 servicemen and wound over 200,000 more was grinding itself in circles in Southeast Asia. It’s from a period when the war on drugs was first declared, the national homicide rate was twice what it is now, and top government officials who had never set foot in combat (Hershey) made public declarations that Selective Service exemptions preempted the loss of the nation’s best and brightest who traditionally volunteered and were killed off early in the wars; and was later rewarded for doing so with a promotion. The draft was in full swing, and the majority of those drafted into service simply lacked the means to avoid it.

      I would like to see a Marine Corps that selects its inductees as carefully as the SEALs do, and is a smaller force that lives up to its reputation as an elite band of brothers. I see no need for a second Army and third Air Force, but do see the need for a smaller, more agile force that can be deployed within hours to defend America and her interests. Also, I need to make it clear that while I am frustrated that the Marine Corps claims to be an elite branch that is only looking for the best and then does an about face and seeks to enslave its enlisted, I do see parts of it as elite. Marine RECON, MARSOC, Scout Snipers, and the like are all clearly elite in my eyes. I didn’t find boot camp to be overly physically challenging, and was frustrated to frequently hear that “the fastest way out of here is to graduate” though, and that’s why I don’t see the organization as a whole as elite. Elite organizations are selective, the Marine Corps as a whole is the exact opposite of that.

  • Bubbafett

    This is true. I was in boot camp late 2006. We had fuckers in 2 & 3rd phases fall asleep on a 1-2 hour watch many times (always the same fuckers too). They still graduated on time. What should have happened was they get a warning. A second or third time and they get booted. Falling asleep (without legit medical reasons) is an integrity violation that will get people killed.

    Another think I fucking hate. The USMC thinks itself as a miracle worker. With this mindset, they can brag about how their training methods are ‘superior.’ However, this is backfiring badly. This is a stupid way to conduct training.

    I have ideas of improvement. This will take the decent to best people who actually want to perform and will improve the organization.

    1. Do NOT grade SDIs and DIs on graduation rates. Part of their performance is judged on graduation rates and as a result, it is harder to drop recruits with problems.

    2. Crack down on integrity violations. I understand the Crucible can be harsh but in my platoon, we had people fall asleep on 1-2 hour firewatch while in garrison. This is fucking poor. After the third offense for sleeping, kick them out of boot camp. If they can’t stay awake in that environment, they have NO BUSINESS BEING MARINES.

    3. Get rid of ‘final drill.’ Use the excess hours use to train for final drill to improving combat readiness. Marines are there to provide combine arms combat capabilities, not as fashion models.

    4. Why the fuck are DI’s called ‘sir/ma’am?’ This is fucking stupid since they are NCOs. Have recruits call them by the title, rank and last name. Freaking boot Marines were calling SOI instructors sir and shit.

    • StillintheFight

      Strangely, recruiters are held accountable for boot camp attrition to a much greater extent than the DIs…however, if you think about it, over time it forces the recruiters to increase the quality of who is brought in.
      The new Commandant is focusing in on quality, and he has expressed a willingness to shrink the Marine Corps below allowable numbers to do so.
      The Marine Corps is elite in mindset and image as much as in practice, and honestly, I think that’s okay. The Corps is, and always will be, a conventional military force. Therefore, DOR for entry-level enlisted training is untenable or else the manpower model would implode.
      I waffle back and forth about whether I think boot camp should remain breakdown/buildup/polish – esque or be refined to orient more on creative problem solving, etc., to encourage independent thought within team-oriented action.

      • Bubbafet

        Your point on recruiters is true to an extent. However, they can only do so much. Most aren’t trainers. I’m also not saying it should be like Recon or SEAL training but if some idiot can’t do the most basic task, kick them out. Why would you want a Marine prone to falling asleep on watch? It’s gonna cause more problems.

        • StillintheFight

          Agreed. The Army added a psych test awhile back, and the Marine Corps is looking at adding something as well, potentially along the lines of something like the FBI or other agencies currently use. Could be interesting.

          • Oldr

            You and I may hold different viewpoints, but I acknowledge that for the USMC to do some physcological evaluations for entry level personnel is a good idea. Having experienced this with a civilian organization though, it starts to raise questions about what personality profile are you going to favor over another? If you end up having too many Type A individual aggressive personalities grouped together, it can create its own unique problems.

            Unfortunately, when you recruit from the human race, there is always going to be issues. Having worked around the pilot community, with all its extensive testing, even a highly efficient and capable German pilot is capable of doing an irrational act ( fly a plane into a moutain range).

            If they do do it it will interesting to see its impact.

          • StillintheFight

            This is from Gen Dunford’s planning guidance: “We will enhance the assessment process for potential recruits and those undergoing initial training with psychological screening to augment our testing of physical and mental aptitude. We will quickly assess the efficacy of available psychological screening tools currently used by special operations forces, law enforcement organizations, and industry. We will subsequently use the best available tools to better predict the resiliency of recruits and their probability of successfully completing an enlistment. The end state is to enhance the quality and resilience of the force — thereby making us more combat ready.” Didn’t have time to find this the other day.
            An interesting point about the Army’s administration of it’s psych test is that it wasn’t required for all applicants. Those applicants who scored in the highest mental groups on the ASVAB (>50 AFQT) and were high school graduates (Education Tier I) were exempt from the psych test. All lower ASVAB scores and GED holders (regardless of ASVAB score) were required to take the test, though.
            And I completely agree with your point about being careful about what type of personality you decide to favor… I might prefer to opt out of certain test results vice opt in to others…

          • freeatlastfreeatlast

            Above a 50 on the ASVAB and a High School Graduate…Education Tier I…


          • Billiam201


            A 50 on the ASVAB is the “highest educational group”??

            I think that tells me as much as I need to know.

  • madmike

    In any REAL elite unit a applicant will be required to have a GT score over 100 and often over 110. Can you imagine if the corpse tried that? They would be forced to kick out at least half the fuckers we served with.

  • Whatever

    Sad but true. Obviously, the Marine Corps is a standard, regular (however you want to classify it) branch, and isn’t going to have the same training indoc as, say, BUDS, as that is a program designed for special forces. Nonetheless, if a recruit declares in the middle of training “fuck this” and vocally expresses that he doesn’t want to be a Marine anymore or that he quits, they need to kick his ass out. Not drop and recycle him; remove him from the organization entirely. As I said, the USMC will never have the same program or attrition rate as special forces, but ensuring that damn near everyone passes no matter what is nothing but harmful.
    Many Marines are also still under the impression that “mothers of America” is forcing them to enact these policies in recruit training, and I’m informing you right now that this conspiracy theory is utter nonsense. DI’s are graded and rated based on how many recruits they graduate, and since most of them are [understandably] focused first on their careers, they don’t want to drop anybody, fearing that it will cost them “honor platoon” and possibly a promotion. My boot camp platoon had two guys refuse to train and vocally declare that they wanted out, and in both cases, the senior drill instructor took them into his office and talked with them for over an hour, made it a relaxed environment, and begged/convinced them to push through. A guy who can’t handle three months of recruit training isn’t going to hit the fleet and miraculously be beneficial to the Marine Corps in any way. If their goal is to create an elite organization, they’re doing it hilariously wrong right from the start.

  • Future grunt

    I don’t think that you understand the corps need for jobs other than conbat to remain not part ii f the navy in more than just name. However, i don’t understand why you didn’t just go to bud/s or something similar. Expecting an entire branch to have recruiting policies of a specialized unit is a setup for failure.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      I understand the need for a large pool of enlisted slaves in the current model, but I don’t see the ultimate merit of it. Could you please explain to me how the Marine Corps serves as a better asset to the United States as a second Army and third Air Force that costs taxpayers $22.7 billion annually? How does the Marine Corps being a separate branch with its own support structure benefit the United States at all?

      To answer your question as to why I didn’t go for BUDs, I was supposed to be RECON. I was gullible, my recruiter was dishonest, and I spent four years in an MOS I hadn’t known existed before enlisting. I have to ask though, why the fuck are you enlisting in the Marines after hearing all this? Why aren’t YOU going to BUDs or something similar after hearing all this testimony that you’re probably going to hate it? Let me guess, your recruiter told you that you’re going to be a man and the Marine Corps loves men who have pride and honor and who stand up for themselves. Christ, it’s like watching a never ending herd of lemmings.

      • Billiam201

        I see the opportunity for a profit-making venture here.

        How much do you want for the rights to “Barrel of Lemmings”?

        • freeatlastfreeatlast

          Free ninety nine.

  • A Marine does not bitch

    This website is a true piece of shit. I spent my time in the Corps Infantry and Pouge and had 4 NJPs and still made SSgt. The Corps is what you make it if your not a total ass bag. If you did not like the Corps refuse to train in bootcamp or shut up and be proud you did something with your worthless life.

    • private_givenofucks

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          • freeatlastfreeatlast

            As I sit here and watch a guy who claims to have gotten his CAR when he was a seven year old civilian after having gotten out of the Marine Corps hash out bestiality accusations with a guy claiming to have a moose cock, I find that I’m going to have to interject purely out of curiosity. You seem delusional, but I’m going to ask you this anyways; do you agree that the Marine Corps would do well to lower the passing rate of its entry level training and its overall size?

    • usmcbgone

      You have just reaffirmed why this web site is so relevant and valuable. You really must have sucked some major dick to make it to SSGT with 4 NJP’s, which only goes to prove that its the idiots and losers who end up reenlisting, because most intelligent people get out as quickly as possible!
      The Corps really must have been short a quota to allow YOU to do multiple enlistments. I doubt you would make anything of yourself if you took the USMC security blanket away- but then again I saw plenty of shitbag SNCO’s
      Let me guess- a fat dependapotomus wife with 5 kids? A barely passed high school education? Bet you just love being told what to do 24/7 for security blanket taxpayer funded paycheck.
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      • private_givenofucks

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        • usmcbgone

          You know what SNCO stands for right?

      • A Marine does not WHINE

        As an 0351 i got 3 NJPs for disrespect to a SNCO, NCO and then LT by telling them to fuck off. Got out for 3 years and came back in because the civilian world I came from I earned a CAR by getting shot at when I was 7. So smart ass, I worked for everything in my fucking life, and managed to get 1 more NJP as a Cpl and still picked up SNCO. Why because I was a good fucking hard charging Marine and I spoke my mind and protected my Marines as I got longer in the Corps. I never wrote a charge sheet but surly taught Marines to nut up and do the right thing.

        You are just what should not have joined the Marine Corps a fucking pussy.

        • Usmcbgone

          1) it’s obvious that you can’t write or form very coherent sentences, plus you always have to use foul language. All the signs of a typical Marine moron.

          2)so you get out after 3 NJPs, I conjecture an OTH, and you claim to have earned a CAR by getting shot at when you were 7 years old? How the hell does that delusional fantasy of yours work?

          3) if you got out for three years, then decided to come back in it was only because the Corps needed bodies to fight that unpopular extended war in Iraq. Under any other circumstance they wouldn’t allow you back in. Guess those three years were not that successful huh!

          With your history of being belligerent, I can see you remaining a SNCO for a long time, and I know you’ll end up staying in as long as you can , because in civilian life there is no need for uneducated, stupid hotheaded anti- tank assultmen.

          I’m not even going to answer that last accusation. I’ve seen Infantry, but was not stupid enough to base a career on it. it’s YOU that has to put up with the Marine Corps lifestyle because You have no other choice. YOU are its slave because you didn’t try to do anything better with yourself.

          As a matter of fact, I’m happy that chest thumpers like you get sent to shit hole countries to fight for American oil interests. If my taxpayer money was put to better use, you should be back in Iraq right now doing your real job!

          Just funny out of my own experience, I received a number of awards, and never got ONE NJP, and got out on an honorable because I had college plans.

          Your history reflects that your the type of person who is dumb enough to make the Corps a long term career. Have fun in your B- Billet- with the long hours and shitty pay that go with it!

          • Don’t

            Your a pussy….ooops sorry, Marines don’t use foul language. Thank God your not in the Corps anymore!

          • Usmcbegone

            Are your panties in a knot? My criticism above hitting a little bit too close to home?
            Your stuck with the Marine Corps- I’m not. Just do us a favor and go off and die in a loud military manner. We won’t miss you.

          • Don’t

            If I got an OTH then I would be in the right place, huh? Sorry to disappoint you leatherhead.

        • Goku

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    • Billiam201

      Easy there, devil dork.

      Let’s assume that your story is true, and that you managed to make SNCO with 4 ninja punches for insubordination.

      You’re making my point, not refuting it. Somewhere, someone without a history of insubordination was denied a promotion because of it. As a result of your pals on the board, someone who may have actually been fit to lead was denied, and may have been forced out.

      So, good for you “ass bag”, and congratulations on your promotion.

      Also, thank you for proving that the marine corpse is run by incompetent troglodytes. I couldn’t have done it better myself.


    I’d like to respond to this post because I find it interesting and it made me think about my own decision to enlist and how I actually agree with you on a lot of points.

    The reason the Marine Corps is an elite organization is because no matter how you twist and turn it, it has the highest standards in physical fitness for entry level training, it has more demands on hygiene and appearance, and at the end of the day it IS the smallest branch! So “The Few, The Proud” is a true sentiment. It’s an elite organization because of it’s illustrious history (see Battle of Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir)
    They say “play Marine” because in all honesty, no one truly sees themselves as the picture painted Marine that is expected of the world. Maybe if you “play Marine” and pretend to be that great man or woman who is so courageous and brave, strong and disciplined, bloodthirsty warfighter then it will play itself out. It doesn’t mean the corps is flooded with less than capable boys and girls who call themselves “Marines” and play dress up.

    Yes, you’ve realized the weak are not weeded out through boot camp, but even your drill instructors tell you that. Either you see the weak ones make it or you realize that you shouldn’t have made it yourself! The weak are weeded out through years in service. After your first four you may not be able to reenlist. You can be a good Marine doing everything that’s required of you, but you didn’t make yourself competitive enough for them to keep you. It could be based on PFT or CFT scores. Maybe you never pursued off-base education; maybe you didn’t volunteer enough, or you probably got in trouble and received a few NJP’s and counselings. The higher you get in the ranks, the more you start to see who fits the standard of what Marines are expected to be.

    But the real question is what are you doing to make the Marine Corps the elite organization it claims to be? What have you done to help ensure that Marines are going through the rigorous training, receiving education, helping communities; instead of sitting there with a selfish attitude towards the corps and wondering why Marines aren’t better, give back to the Marine Corps and make it better. Make it fit the standard you think it doesn’t live up to. The problem is you want so much from the Marine Corps but you’re not doing anything for the organization yourself! The reason it is the way it is today is because people like you become SNCO and Officers and keep that same complacent attitude and the cycle repeats. The Marine Corps is what you make of it. It’s not a charity for you to take and suck dry of all its benefits (free travel, free education, etc.) What you put into it is what you get out of it. The world receives the Marines you make!

    I know you’ve heard it before: America doesn’t need a Marine Corps, it wants us. Because no one in the Army, Navy, or the Air Force will even have this argument.

    In short, we’re not in a movie! This is not a biopic. You see the flaws of everything and everyone around you who calls themselves Marine. You see just how human the corps is. Embrace the fact that you’re actually a part of it and you’re holding all the chips to make it better everyday. If you take your training seriously, you will be the best of the best. If not, you are the reason it’s not an elite organization.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      Keep in mind that all of these “articles” by me were just responses to someone in the comment section. The “play Marine” comment was in response to a critic admonishing us to just shut up, put on the uniform, and “play Marine”. In other words, just go through the motions and not make waves. My issue with that was that in an elite organization, putting forth lackluster effort just to get through the day puts the mission and your peers in danger. Her attitude also reflects the derisive way I saw higher ranking personnel treat the lower enlisted, despite the broken promotion system in the Marine Corps keeping guys below the formal respect they deserved for much too long. Though we all deserved much more than we got to begin with in Oki.

      This is always my biggest frustration discussing the many issues in the Marine Corps with guys who actually want to discuss these issues. We always move into gray area where we agree to a degree, but we almost never connect and get anywhere. I think the main thing I want to get across is that we both seem to want the same thing; a Marine Corps that is a truly elite organization. I go the additional step to say loudly and plainly that as a whole, the contemporary Marine Corps is not an elite organization, and that it needs to make a number of changes that are never addressed because the conversation has been stuck in the nonproductive pissing contest rut for decades. You agree that the Marine Corps is flawed, but basically accuse us of not putting our gloves on and getting to work fixing it. I tried to do what I could in my very limited sphere of influence while I was in, but I didn’t change anything unsurprisingly. I see this website as a good way for me to put out ideas that can then be discussed. I figure that putting them out there at least moves the argument out of the “fuck the Marine Corps”, “suck it up pussy” rut.

      For example:

      + Raising entry-level and fleet physical requirements.
      + Abolishing the different official physical standards for males and females.
      + Establishing an actual physical training program in the fleet that incorporates data collection and positive incentives for individuals to improve themselves.
      + Establishing MOS specific physical fitness tests.
      + Mandating service utilities for Marines on duty.
      + Releasing grooming restrictions on neatly trimmed facial hair and haircuts.
      + Releasing restrictions on boots.
      + Releasing restrictions on drill, by which I mean mandating that if you’re forcing your men to march, you’re marching with them. MARCHING, not walking behind them and shooting the shit.
      + Establishing a “treat your Marines like Marines” campaign.
      + Eliminating the use of group punishment as a loophole to hazing restrictions.
      + Bringing attention to and addressing the treatment of enlisted Marines in Okinawa compared to the servicemen of the other branches stationed on that island.
      + Incorporating an MOS proficiency examination into the promotion point scale like every other branch.
      + Focusing less on avoiding fraternization between the ranks and more on building esprit de corps and camaraderie. Not through family fun days and moto runs, but through treating your Marines like Marines, treating your men like men.

      My response to your question as to what I did to try and fix what I could in the Marine Corps is that there is an institutionalized level of inefficiency that defends itself in that organization. Among other thing, when I tried to introduce a physical training program into my unit, I was admonished for excluding drill. I was sick of getting fucked daily, being told to appreciate getting fucked, being admonished for not appreciating the fucking, and then being expected to reciprocate the fucking down the chain. I’m going to and have already done much more with my life than the Marine Corps was letting me. I take issue with some of the specifics of what you’ve written, but I appreciate that you’re at least taking a productive stance on the issues in the Marine Corps. You’re not like the lowest scum of SNCOs and Officers I had to deal with, you sound like someone I would have gotten along with.

    • usmcbegone

      This was obviously written by a ‘motivator’ who still subscribes to the standard party line that’s its always easier to blame the individual, as opposed to doing the harder work of examining institutional problems and implementing some creative solutions.

      My time in the corps has been and gone, and there really is no reason for me to care that much about how they manage their affairs in 2015. Based on my experience, I could come up with many counterarguments to the clichés you wrote.

      I don’t hate the Marine Corps- I just hated some of the people I was forced to obey who took the whole thing to RIDICULOUS EXTREMES.

      Marines would be considered ‘elite’ if their members can all do 20 pullups and run an 18 min in 3 mile in comparison to the whole American population, but is an organisation considered ‘elite’ if it wastes productive man hours on meaningless and unnecessary work?

      Are you ‘elite’ if you force your people to get a haircut every week, when in the grand scheme of things its really doesn’t matter if one gets a haircut every 3 weeks?

      Also. your presumption that the higher in the ranks you go,” the more you start to see who fits the standard of what Marines are expected to be” does not match the test of reality. I can quote numerous examples of misconduct of SSGTS and above, and even Captains and above.
      Every persons experience in corps is different, and everyone’s idea about what to change is different. Being in the Corps, I never saw it as a ‘spiritual experience’ on the level of being a member of the Knights Templar.
      I had no problem following basic rules, but not to the degree of say -being forced to field day the barracks till 2am by a Sgt who is just siting on his back side drinking beer (“because I’m a SGT!!!) when you have to work the next day.
      Your basic argument of ‘stay in and change it’, and ‘blind obedience, worship and slave like obedience ‘ to the Corps is not a formula for long term success. It benefits the corps, but not YOU. And given the fact it has no hesitation kicking good Marines out for whatever reason, I’d be wary about how much loyalty you want to give to that organisation.
      I look at it this way. There is some good ideas on this web site written by veteran who the corps should have worked a bit harder to retain. But like McDonalds- it can always replace bodies by volume regardless of well rounded quality.
      Lastly, I’ll add that Marines should be on the ground fighting ISIS right now. They are just wasting taxpayer money doing busywork on their bases. Give them what they volunteered for.