The Marine Corps is not an “Elite Organization”

“Play Marine”? Would you give the same advice to a SEAL, to put on his uniform and “play SEAL”? In an elite organization, or any organization really, why would you want to keep guys around who aren’t going to add to mission accomplishment, and just go through the motions to avoid making waves? Before I joined, I expected boot camp and the Marines to be some ultimate rite of passage to manhood. I expected overall camaraderie between the ranks, because we were all Marines. In short, I expected a “few good men”. Expecting all this, I trained for about 2 years prior to shipping out.

When I got to boot camp, they were graduating about 600 Marines a week. How well you could drill was more important than how well you could shoot or PT. The majority of my platoon seemed to have just rolled out of bed one morning and decided to sign up for the Marines. Actual comradeship within the platoon was discouraged in favor of giving a handful of recruits positions of “power” over their fellow recruits if they were willing to treat their peers like shit. It didn’t matter how well you performed, you were still fucked with because it was a safe bet that the majority of the platoon had fucked up somehow. We were starved because it was a safe bet that the majority of recruits were overweight. The PT was a joke, because it was a safe bet that the majority of recruits couldn’t even keep up with that. I was expecting BUDs, I got a beauty pageant.

I came to realize that boot camp wasn’t about weeding out the weak, it was a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach to flooding an organization with much needed slave labor. We were treated like shit, because the easiest way to deal with a large group of people is to simply assume that they are all underhanded turds and treat them accordingly, the lowest-common-denominator approach. We weren’t given the opportunity extended to Officers, to drop on request, because we were slaves, not overseers. This allows hundreds of poorly fitting inductees into the organization every month, and initiates them by ingraining into them that the fastest way up the ladder is on the backs of their peers. There are many things that could be changed for the better in the Marines, and the first and foremost would be to encourage those who want to drop out of boot camp to get the fuck out. No more “the fastest way out of here is to graduate” bullshit, it should be “we only want the best of you to stick around”.

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