This site is a joke!

What a joke. The site, the members, the
moderators, and all contributors. This is nothing more than another internet
black hole for the pathetic youth of our nation to spew their one sided lie.
I’m sick of reading and hearing self centered snowflakes whine and complain
about how everything in life wasn’t handed to them. ~>Anonymous<~ of
course it is. Because liars, cheats, lazy, dirty, and pathetic incompetents
NEED ~>Anonymous<~ zero accountability for actions is what feeds this
generation of losers. So munch on my
drainers of the economy, and keep your arms extended for all the freebies you
feel no need to earn. Go ahead and plaster your stories and so called experiences
all over the web, because we all know that they’re the only ones you will
really remember.

The United States Marine Corps has forever
impacted your life, both during and after. You will remember.

Submitted by: Anyonomous <– Haha



Yeah, some youth, and some guys who’ve been in for 18+ years. But yeah mostly youth, I guess that’s what happens when you let people join at 17 with parental consent (woah, that makes sense! Amazing right!)

One-sided lie… Alright, for the most part I’ll give you one sided, I try to be fair but I suppose sometimes even I fail. But which part of what’s been said here is the lie? I’d be rather surprised if you could pick out one lie on this site (other than someone saying how great the marine corps is).

“Liars, cheats, lazy, dirty, and pathetic incompetents NEED ~>Anonymous<~ zero accountability for actions is what feeds this generation of losers.” My, that’s an ironic condemnation… watch this: “Liars, cheats, lazy, dirty, and pathetic incompetents NEED Rockers, zero accountability for actions is what feeds this generation of losers.” You see that? Just like that I turned it into an accurate depiction of SNCO’s.

But you’re right, I will remember. Some things you don’t forgive, some things you don’t forget, and in the short time that I’ve been out I’ve already successfully stopped 2 people from joining and I’m working on preventing more.

Safety and Peace

Ooohhhh OPSEC. Scary. I’ll tell you what, do whatever you like, oh and if you could get this site into the marine corps times, or even just an annual training brief, that be great!




I too, challenge this individual to find a single lie on this website. And also, just the mere existence of this website has deterred many young men from wasting 4 precious years of doing absolutely nothing. People like you have been making threats against this site for years, and it is still up, and continues to grow. Over 200,000 people have visited this site, and that growth shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, iHateTheUSMC has been breaking traffic records monthly.

Good luck with whatever it is you try to do to harm this site.

– Stanimus

  • Durden

    probably an asvab waiver who was a big jock meathead football player type. we know the corps loves your kind, bigger and yell louder so your my superior. get a real job pal, theres no gunnys workin admin, or secretary as its called in the real world. your just an 19 yr old makin min wage and you know that so you stay in so as to milk the system with pay and benes for a mindless job.

  • Dana g

    Rock and Roll — “we can’t fix stupid” my friends—-peeps are going to attempt to bring you down because they merely “don’t have the Ballz it takes rondo what you do……” hence : HATERS—- keep in hatin cause we ain’t a takin – back – by you’re worthless comments!! That’s right – worthless —-get a grip – its free – just like me – ill flip you off non problem if you disrespect me or anyone of my friends “my peeps”… shit all you anonymouses out there – I’m Dana g – fuk with me – douschezzz /-)~ CTTZDG4life bitches “never give up”….is my “motto”….what’s yours “no Ballz anonymouses…….:-)~ enjoy your day

  • DisG

    Yet this character comes here to put his 2 cent. You know the Marine Corps went down the drain with during these two wars. The ones that keep claiming “this generation sucks and whines a lot” Well its been happening since Vietnam. Vietnam changed the dynamic of military to what it is today. I’ve meet many growing up and retired msgts from desert storm. Same shit as it was a decade or two ago. Now we have the f’n Internet and express on how we feel about this.


  • Always a grunt

    As a current marine with a piece of shit snco, I can understand what its like to have a idiot run ur life. But I dont hate the marine corp for it or wish any harm on a organization that is dedicated to preserving ur right to bad mouth it. Every organization has its bad apples (even one based on holding itself to a higher standard). Look at yall, ur a perfect example of the “bad apples” the marine corp is plagued with. Instead of trying to fix ur problems like men, you run away and then bad mouth (as an anonymous) the organization you didnt have enough balls try and better. Nobody forced you to join. You voluntarily signed ur contract for ur own personal reasons, hopefully for love of ur brothers, country and core. U are doing nothing but destroying ur own name by dishonoring a brotherhood u are unfortunantly a part of.

    • S.

      Actually this site is not a place for people to hide from problems. You assumptions are wrong. This site is a place for people to SOLVE problems. To get help! This site is about changing what is fucked up, not sitting around waiting for something to happen. You yourself have come here “anonymously”. So why are you even complaining about that? If people came here and told everyone who they were, they might get into trouble. What other reason did you think of? And you call the people here “bad apples”? Shame on you for being so ignorant. You are contributing to the problem and are more harmful to the USMC than we are!