Took me a long time to sort through my 4 years – Part 2

Part 2:

The DoD would be wise to shut down every Marine base on Okinawa, or at
least scale down to a couple or few brigades and re-deploy to Guam or
something. Never in my life have I seen thousands of Americans just
standing and sitting around doing nothing. Folks like myself who would
busy themselves and create work for others risked ridicule, scorn, and
the wrath of the careerists and sundry dirt bags who desired to be just
like the careerists. The vast majority who extended over there were
fucking low life pieces of shits, male and female. They would conspire
against us who did the real work and problem solving, playing all kinds
of idiotic pranks, having “secret meetings” behind our backs (our
meaning just a few who actually cared) which in my book is mutiny, and
making every effort to have a good time at the expense of the people
doing the real work. I understand one is now a deputy in TX; he and his
dirt bag wife (a WM) were major pains in the ass over on Oki, but nobody
did anything about it because they sucked up to the leadership, and
they’d extended. People who extended were treated like kings and queens,
and in return they would suck up to the “leadership” and make sure the
whole circus of lies kept going on, year in, year out.

The master sergeant, a 42 year old severe alcoholic and married guy with kids back in the States would hang out
in the barracks and party with non-rates and NCO’s (great for unit
discipline, right there!), was fucking WM’s in the platoon and chasing
Okinawan women out in town at the clubs and whatnot. I was told by some
of the dirt bag NCO’s that if I bought a car not to loan it to the MSGT
because he’d already crashed 4 driving drunk, and 3 were not his they
were owned by folks within the platoon. Despite all that they were “drinking buddies” with the guy, both literally and figuratively. Glad the BS with him hanging out
in the barracks ended before I got there. He ended up being “early
retired” later on for his antics, after a court martial. Sure
enough, the usual smattering of E-8’s and E-9’s came to his defense, to
include our own POS of a sergeant major, another severe alcoholic who
had his own personal driver drive him home every night after he’d get
fucked up at the SNCO club. The dysfunction hung in the air over there
like you wouldn’t believe, and you could cut it with a two-by-four.

Sadly, the other SNCO’s and the boot lieutenant did nothing about him and the other dysfunction within the platoon, further exacerbating the problem and making life hell for those of us who were doing our jobs and trying to make a positive impact on a very negative situation.

The master sgt saw fit to try and control me (he definitely singled me out), because I’m sure he got a whiff of my being a squared away guy in my own right and that I probably wouldn’t fit in with him and his “crew”.  Shortly thereafter when it became apparent I wouldn’t put up with the BS, from anyone, of
any rank, the “ganging up” shit started. Bad enough I had to deal with
these dysfunctional, delusional idiots all day at work, at the barracks
it was a nightmare trying to keep some semblance of discipline. Instead
of NCO’s working together, policing themselves, and working together to
keep things sane in the barracks, often times they were part of the
problem, or were downright indifferent. Having to deal with this pansy
boy bitch who’d “served” at Quantico as a “VIP driver” was a nightmare,
every little thing would make him bitch and moan and complain about the
better NCO’s (all like two of us). To have to deal with it at 5 o’clock
on a Sunday afternoon really sucked, as I had to try like hell to avoid
being in close proximity to these idiots. The senior sergeant would roll
over and play dead for his “boy” (their words, not mine), and was part
of the problem, instead of telling the guy to quit his whining and
moaning. These folks were so brainwashed and delusional they thought
really high of themselves, despite the fact their own lack of
discipline, lack of proficiency in their primary MOS, and on and on were
hurting their own underlings. So, when the legitimate problems came
along, and a young guy needed a sympathetic ear, their problems were
often times dismissed away or they were told “Tough shit”. All because
these people were so fucked up and warped in their own minds they
could’ve cared less about being a true leader and a mentor.

The Corps needs to be scaled down and made into more of an elite force.
It’s been too big since the Cold War, but the National Security Act of
1947 has it set in stone the Corps must have 3 MEFs. That, and all of the services need to get rid of the “career mentality” and cut the fat within the ranks. It was pathetic watching people in their 20’s and 30’s basically wasting away, they had nothing to do but swap war stories about the drill field or whatever. Granted, this was before Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’m sure not much has changed.

Submitted by: Sgt Fury

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