US Marines: The Ultimate beta Males

This was adapted from a comment made by Idris

While putting up with all the bullshit in the Corps I’ve been simultaneously learning about MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) and RedPill (choosing to learn the painful truth, as opposed to BluePill, which is embracing that the matrix is real). In the course of it I’d also learned about this outrageous culture of people choosing to like subordinate lives, and found message boards about how joining the military will “take the wimp out of a man,” and make him strong and proud.
I had to laugh at that, because it’s complete bullshit. It’s propaganda that the military wants to push on society so they think that all the welfare families on base, and the barracks full of idiots are stocked full with great men who will some day lead our nation.
Maybe it was true for a time – up until the Korean War – but shit rolled downhill fast, especially in the USMC. We don’t have strong honorable men leading anything. We have hyper-masculine jag-offs screaming for floors to be buffed and shit to be shined. They are literally polishing turds, almost like the great sculptors of the past didn’t say, “chisel away everything that’s not DAVID or THE THINKER,” but instead said, “see that guy who’s a real piece of shit? Go sign him up for your cause. The one who’s the biggest turd; put him in charge.”
I’ve trained hard in the Corps. That’s not the problem. The problem is that it goes too far in a direction that there is nothing to be gained, like polishing and polishing and polishing that turd. At some point the damn thing needs to just be bagged up and thrown out!
What intrigued me about the whole MGTOW and RedRill concept was that it would talk about men in relationships where they were treated like shit, and then just accepted it. I read about women withholding sex from their men, then going and fucking other men, and thought, ‘that’s what the Corps is like.’ The Corps is seductive when you don’t have it, then it’s fucking you over while seemingly rewarding everyone else. Young, hardworking marines are like cuckolds in D/s relationships. While she’s getting railed in the bathroom at a club, we’re holding her purse. While she flirts with some slack-ass loser in designer jeans that are pre-scuffed, we’re at working overtime to buy the new blinds we’re going to install where we actually end up with a tear in our jeans – our favorite fucking pair!
Do we confront her? Do we say, ‘hey, this is a raw deal?’ Maybe once. And then the group of other cuckolds scalds us. There’s a reason it’s called “the Lance Corporal underground.” It’s because it’s like a pit of despair. It’s like a bucket full of lobsters. One tries to get out, and the others pull him back in. When they yank that stupid bastard down, they turn to one another and say, “don’t let the green grass fool you!” And some of us do get out, but it’s either because they are those unicorn marines who really do rate, or, more likely, because they got plucked out by someone above the the Lance Corporal underground.
The USMC is a cuckolding organization with little boys full of beta tendencies. They think they’re alpha males because they yell and scream and have tattoos, but the whole time they rock that tough macho tantrum, they cowtow and bow down to their girl (the Corps) who is always disrespecting him. The whole group is nothing but followers. They follow orders, which is good, but they follow in every other way, too, right down to the littlest things, and then they sign up for more so that they can have the slight bit of security [the hell they know, versus the hell they don’t] instead of taking control of their own lives.
You know you’re a fucking beta male in the USMC because you go along with mass punishment. Some SNCO rapes a girl in Okinawa, and everyone below that rank pays for it. Just like a beta male. You know you’re a beta male in the USMC because even in your free time you have to address someone by their “superior rank.” You’re at the grocery store off base and see someone. “Good afternoon, Corporal.” “Yes, Corporal.” Like you’re never off duty, because you’re not. Beta males don’t get to rest. They must always do the bidding of their superiors.
It starts on day one in boot camp. Recruits are conditioned to obey, not think. Then when there’s a hazing incident, the comments at the end of the article about it all say that the kid was a pussy because he couldn’t handle by other betas who brag about the beatings they took. They took the beatings, and shut down the legitimacy of the complaints. They took the beatings because they are beta males. They are marines.
This is just like the guy who stands by sexless and pathetic while his wife gets her itch scratched 7 other ways from Sunday, and then someone says, ‘he should have been taking care of his wife, or I wouldn’t have to do it for him.’ He says this never thinking for a second that he could have actually really helped the young man by addressing legitimate concerns that men face while married/in the Corps. That fake-alpha type never actually mans up and teaches the young man/marine how to buck up and take control. Why? Because he’s a product of a system designed to keep the young marines down. He’s a frontline troop working to keep everyone beneath him submissive, and also keeping an eye out for others like himself who have no problem  with fucking someone else over by fucking “his wife,” which is symbolic of his career and sense of worth.
It’s part of the decline of society and the Corps, and they know they are riding a hand basket to hell, and working to take us all down with them. And us? We just take it. Because we’re the ultimate beta males: US Marines.
  • Monkeyninja

    Don’t talk about fight club, faggot.

    • aomechmarine

      you are suppose to spread MGTOW knowledge and hand out red pills if you are actually real about it.

      • Idris

        Man long time no see

        • aomechmarine

          Yea man. I rarely use Disqus, BUT I had the Corps on my mind for Veterans Day. I love the good memories from the Corps. I just really wish some people were NOT in the military. This website is GREAT. It warns people about the BS that happens behind the curtain, helps them stay out of trouble. and I think it directly helped that DI who messed with the Muslim recruit get convicted. Theres a lot of shithead Marines out there, times are changing. So they had to burn a scumbag finally. Because of sites like this, and Terminal Lance, and cartoon strips, the Corps is seeing it’s starting to have a bad image problem. and we all know how the Corps REALLY mostly cares about appearance. This Website is a great service to those who are smart enough to use the info here. Whether they served, are in service, or want to serve. Great job! I literally had a GREAT Veterans day, ESPECIALLY knowing that asshole Got BURNED! I Only wish I lived close enough to show up in uniform and give him a special middle finger salute, and yell out “SEMPER FI you Disgraceful racist BITCH! Disgrace to the uniform you fucking SCUMBAG!!!” Would have made that the best veterans day ever man! Seriously! That was a small victory for the countless recruits who have been abused by loser ass cholo, redneck and thug drill instructors!

          • Idris

            Yea I understand and the marine Corps birthday was right around the corner but of course no one cares but marines. That may be the most crushing thing for some marines when they get out no more NCOs or officers to protect them no inch to back them up welcome to the real world, and if you try the same tactics that you did in the corps they might cause a person to Assault them and it’s their own fault. But glad you had fun.

  • Idris

    Goddamm Master LCPL you really out done yourself on this story, you actually do understand where I’m coming from and you actually explained it better than I did, good work.

    • Master LCpl

      Thanks but I do not get all of the credit. Chris did most of the work.

      • Idris

        oh wow hmmmm didn’t expect that. Chris you studied MGTOW too?

        • No, I had to look it up, which is why it took me a couple days after MCpl gave me my orders. Specifically, he said, ‘hey, bitch, get this shit done!’ and I was like, “SIR, YES SIR!”

          You don’t mess with a Master Lance, after all.

          The idea of the RP/BP was really interesting. It reminded me of some of what Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) talks about – that we believe we act rationally 90% of the time, but we actually act irrationally 90% of the time. Choosing to “take the red pill” would be rational, but we refuse it often because we have evolved to avoid pain.

          • Idris

            Lol oh man must have been a very important order, but yes taking the redpill means facing the actual reality in life, you learn that everything you’ve been taught about women men and life in general is a lie and when learning how women are, how the gender roles are actually supposed to be it is very crushing and painful.

  • xyz

    An Interesting article above- it tends to reinforce what has been discussed on the Internet for years. Ultimately, the US Marines ( and military in general) is about INDOCTRINATING AND CONTROLLING MEN- to condition them to think that their lives are worth nothing and must be sacrificed for any stupid conflict the country gets embroiled in!

    Plenty of women on the Internet have described Donald Trump as the ultimate ‘alpha male’. If measured by many things, his ability to make money ( and thus be an exceptional provider for females to take advantage of) would put him in this category. But by military standards, he got a draft deferment (one of five) that gave him the freedom to start his business career- thereby avoiding and dangerous or life threatening military service!
    Ultimately, women don’t really give a damn how brave or courageous you are on a battlefield ( they do indirectly benefit from the protection and sacrifice ) but what’s more of immediate benefit to them is a Donald Trump like man who they can get resources from for themselves and their offspring. Women will line up to compete for rich men- how many of them line up to compete for the attentions of say a Sergeant, or a Corporal?
    bottom line- the military ends up being a dumping ground for societies poorer, less connected or disadvantaged men for politicians to use as “dumb animals” to sacrifice in a war- or any conflict they deem necessary to gain some type of economic advantage under the guise of ‘fighting for your country!”.
    So MGTOW is a perfectly valid philosophy for men who refused to be used like this, and value themselves a lot more than just being ‘pack mules’ to exploit.
    Make the women fight the next war. Men deserve a break.

  • iSuck@Coloring

    This is on point. Well said Master LCpl!

    • Master LCpl

      Thanks but as stated previously, this was a joint effort of Idris, Chris, and myself. I do not deserve all of the credit.

  • Brandon S

    Oh God. Being enlisted sounds like it sucks.

    • Billiam201

      It does. You’ll spend your days being punished for things you didn’t do, and that you really command knows full well that you had nothing to do with.

      But that is how things work. Whether the perpetrator was a marine or not, whether they were enlisted or not, you will be punished.

      • Brandon S

        I hope our fuckups in the wing won’t cause y’all to get in trouble. I suppose I’ll find out soon.

  • Shadow Man

    Oh man, this I not justthe Corps. I was on an army base and heard some commotion in the BX where 2 dudes are arguing.
    “I’m not going to be treated like this,” a guy said.
    “That’s ‘sir’,” the other guys said.
    “I’m a Seargent 1st Class – .”
    “Sir,” he corrected
    ” – with 22 years – ”
    “Sir. You will call me ‘sir’.”
    It was some lieutenant who had gotten snippy with the seargent, and he outranked him by about 5-6 slots, even if he’d never deployed or anything.