I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board!

I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board! As it stands, I have 6 herinated disc and degenerated bone disease in my spine and both hips. About a month ago, I had my Company commander ask me what can we do to help you? I mention going to wounded warriors to get the proper treatment and take care of my family and set myself up for success in school. However, my Sgt Major heard what I had asked for , and turns around in the Head Quarters hall way dropping F Bombs left and right telling me that I dont F****** Rate it because my injury was not F****** combat related. Then just the other day SgtMaj came up to me to ask me how my wife is doing and how I was doing and how the our soon to be son etc!!!!! I told him that were doing good and I am ready to move on and take care of my family and work etc….! Then Sgt Maj pauses and looks at me while I am standing there with my cane and says…”HOW ARE YOU ARE GOING TO WORK”!!! WTF I am done! I have done 8 yrs and served in Fallugah when shit was the shit! I have bent over backwards for my fellow marines and for the Corps and this the fucking shit I deserve. FUCK THE MARINE CORPS!!! And Fuck those who come on here to trying to be so Fucking Motivated and have lossed half of their brain or Common sense while joining the Corps! You can be hard and think your the Biggest Baddest Mother Fucker in the Valley! But wait untill you get out and see how Big and Bad you are! The civilian world does not give a SHIT what you did in the Marine Corps! IT ABOUT FUCKING HAVING A BRAIN!!