I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board!

I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board! As it stands, I have 6 herinated disc and degenerated bone disease in my spine and both hips. About a month ago, I had my Company commander ask me what can we do to help you? I mention going to wounded warriors to get the proper treatment and take care of my family and set myself up for success in school. However, my Sgt Major heard what I had asked for , and turns around in the Head Quarters hall way dropping F Bombs left and right telling me that I dont F****** Rate it because my injury was not F****** combat related. Then just the other day SgtMaj came up to me to ask me how my wife is doing and how I was doing and how the our soon to be son etc!!!!! I told him that were doing good and I am ready to move on and take care of my family and work etc….! Then Sgt Maj pauses and looks at me while I am standing there with my cane and says…”HOW ARE YOU ARE GOING TO WORK”!!! WTF I am done! I have done 8 yrs and served in Fallugah when shit was the shit! I have bent over backwards for my fellow marines and for the Corps and this the fucking shit I deserve. FUCK THE MARINE CORPS!!! And Fuck those who come on here to trying to be so Fucking Motivated and have lossed half of their brain or Common sense while joining the Corps! You can be hard and think your the Biggest Baddest Mother Fucker in the Valley! But wait untill you get out and see how Big and Bad you are! The civilian world does not give a SHIT what you did in the Marine Corps! IT ABOUT FUCKING HAVING A BRAIN!!

  • brokesgt1

    I am going through a similar experience. I broke my back and I have osteoporosis. No one gives a shit about you. Do not think you are going to find anyone at WWR who is there for “you”. They still work for the Marine Corps and are looking out for the USMC’s best interest. I have a RCC that is more worried about screwing me and blaming other people than helping me. I told him I did not plan on working when I got out since my wife has an awesome job and with my va pay we will be more than able to pay our bills, and I got chastised about how I am not being a contributing member of society. Really? I cannot enjoy what little bit of life I have left? I am not allowed to retire? Since we managed our finances, saved, and paid our debts I am a piece of shit for not wanting to work. Take care of your family, they will be there well after the Marine Corps.

  • 1stCivDivWarrior

    Kind of in the same boat brothers.

    Ive been out for (EAS) less than 5 months, just got my VA rating at 10 fucking ridiculous percent for Tinnitus and ZERO for my lower back pains and crippling effects on and off, to the point where i can barely get out of my bed or even bent over to pick up my daughter.

    Any suggestions from fellow vets on how to appeal?

  • USMCFormer

    This is a very sad comment to read about, and is kind reminiscent of the movie I saw years ago called Born on the 4th of July (starring Tom Cruise). I personally think it should be required viewing for all young men before they sign up for the draft.

    When I left the Marine Corps in 2005 I went into the VA system, and even then it was struggling to cope with the fall out from Iraq and Afghanistan. It does not surprise me at all that the hard asses would discourage Marines from seeking whatever benefits they can. It always boils down to money, since the cost of long term care of veterans such as these ( multiplied by the amount of veterans from long protracted wars) starts eating into the military budget.

    With the VA, my experience is that you really have to be persistent for them to take any action. They will make a lot of appointments ( which can drag out over the years), be superficially aware of the problem, but when it comes to spending serious money on surgery they will try and fight it as much as they can.

    Lastly, to the Sgt that originally wrote this, I won’t say thank you for your service, because those are empty petty meaningless words. You sacrificed far more for your country ( and for the Marine Corps) than most others did, and deserve the utmost respect from any American. If I had the ability to make you well again I would do it, but unfortunately you have your own pain to deal with now. I just hope as a human being, you will not let it destroy you, because I know a number of Vets who have gone that route….