We Need Your Help

iHateTheUSMC.com has been contacted by a very large news organization inquiring about the massive problems in the marine corps such as mistreatment, deaths, and other very serious matters that go unreported. We’ve offered to reach out to our userbase seeking any information that can help this media outlet shine light on things in the marine corps that are massively wrong. This is a great opportunity for us to make a difference. If you have any information that would be useful please contact us at commandantusmc@ihatetheusmc.com and we will connect you.

  • Wavenstein

    Does it matter how long ago we were in?

  • Chris Topher

    Do not give this news outlet any information. I gave them something credible and they ignored what I gave them. I believe it was because it didn’t fit their narrative.

    • Idris

      Yea that happens to me as well. They’re probably looking for views.

  • Saltydogfrom00s

    Kilo company 3080 Paris island in 2000; we had a huge investigation. The guy was actually running for president a few years ago. Nuff said