Why do SNCO’s have to insult those close to EAS?

UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I just stood in the cp and watched my fellow nco get an ass chewing from gunny for wanting to attend the seps-taps he scheduled three months ago instead of going to the rifle range that gunny just put him on. Then, this cross eyed, hunched over, semi-retarded gunny followed up the ass chewing with insult!!! “Oh sure, out in febuary, no job in march, homeless in april and wanting back in the corps by may!” FUCK YOU GUNNY! If you go to the recruiting website they tell you how “challenging” it is, if you talk to the recruiter (or any moto) they too will tell you it’s difficult. So if this is the hardest thing in America to do, why the fuck can’t my buddy make it on his own? I’ve been told that “only 2% of Americans are marines.” So what are the other 98% doing to make ends meet gunny?! Also, I remember they used to have this “famous marines” section on the recruiting website. All of the “marines” they had listed, GOT OUT AFTER 4 YEARS!!! I wonder if all those famous marines got harassed the same way we do for wanting to eas.

If I chewed gunnys ass once I’m a civilian, and reminded him of all his shortcomings and deficiencies, I’ll bet I could get him to commit suicide.

Thanks for the great site, and allowing me to exercise my right to fee speech,

Submitted By: corporal, Fusmc