Why I decided to get out

In case some lifer thinks I’m a cry baby, I was SGT. in for 9 years with the intention of of staying for 20. Even after I saw through the bullshit I wanted to stay. I was in a Bulk Fuel company, most of our equipment was warehoused. The only orders I ever got was keep the troops busy. They were sweeping the parking lot twice a day, wiping imaginary dirt off equipment and straighten the hose rack twice a week. Winter and summer I had to keep them   outside while SNCOs stay inside. In one of the coldest winter North Carolina had, my platoon was outside stringing camouflage nets for summer So much for the Marine Corps taking care of their own. I foolishly thought taking care of the troops was part my job.

My C.O. wouldn’t recommend me for D.I. school, he said I would make a better instructor for reserves. The Parris Island board disqualify me for 2 office hours I had 6 years before for drinking. I got orders for Parris Island after three weeks in D.I. school I,m out for psychological reason. That was all over the company before I got back, and I thought my SRB. was confidential. I wasn’t the first person in the company that was put out of D.I. school. I wasn’t the first person  that year, but I had committed a sin.

There were a set a brothers in the platoon, they both stupid and assholes. They enlisted on the jail or Marine Corps choice. I asked why can’t they just be put out. They would have danced to the back gate for a U.D.  No we couldn’t do that it would make the company look bad. They went U.A. and while they were drunk and high. They ran their car into a tree both of them were dead. A Staff Sgt stood in front of the platoon he said he was glad they were dead and if he had been there, he would made sure they were dead. He was writing their parents to tell what assholes and shit birds  they were and make sure they wouldn’t get the insurance money. No officer or StaffNCO. called him on what he said. I followed him to the platoon office, I ask why would he want to torture the family like that. He said why do you care. I said they were in my platoon I’m suppose to care.

A few months later a kid came to me asked for a 96 so he could go home for sister’s wedding. He had used up all his leave time. I went to the platoon SGT. I explained the problem. His answer was Fuck him tell to go U.A. I blew up okay I tell one of the best men in platoon to go U.A. and when he’s standing in front of the C.O. I’ll be standing with him I’ll say you told him to go U.A. I went to the Lt. got the 96 and got screamed at for jumping chain command.

After that I decided it wasn’t worth it to stay in.

Submitted by: Fairhaired Kidd