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Hmmm lets see have you lost family a friend a loved one to the attack on 911 orr the beheadings or countless other things the taliban has done to civilians out along the entire UNITED STATES OF AMERICA an all the armed forces you goin to moan an groan about the MARINES urinateing on dead taliban if it was me soldier or civilian i would done more then urinate on them SORRY I AM A PROUD AMERICAN an stand behind our soldiers without them we wouldnt be free only stupidity f people who would open a site like this where were the peace lovers when the towers f where they when our civilans were over there tryin tto help rebuild an got beheaded hmmmmm seems to me to see that versus a lil urination say people who back a page like this either are not AMERICANS or have no respect for the soldiers there or it may been your family or lovedd one that got urinated on in which case welcome to the world many of us PROUD AMERICANS LIVE IN with lost family friends an loved ones shameless disgraced by stupidity i know with in 5 min this message will be deleleted or bashed or crititised or grammer or something other stupid crap but either way none of you were there before i go i must say this loud an proud SEMPERI FI

Submitted by: non judgemental

  • okinawa inmate

    Personally I completely agree that there was nothing wrong with taking a piss on the dead bodies either. America is one of the only countries that has rules to follow by and its pathetic. Anyways I thought I’d go ahead and let you know that everyone on this site is either a marine or ex marine so when you say we are not Americans, that is a pretty ignorant statement. And considering the fact that you have never served I would have to say that we are a little more patriotic than you.

  • JustaGuy

    His name “non judgemental” must be a joke because 1. It’s misspelled. 2. How judgmental his post is.

  • Marine

    justaguy you are a fucking retard you probably didnt even surve in the marines all you probably do is look at post and say oh i am a marine now you know what go fuck off and suck your mothers dick little bitch your making all the people on this site do is make fun of the marines and that is the same as making fun of the president, army, seals, and these are the last people you want to be fuckin with you little bitch

    • JustaGuy

      Actually I was a Marine. You are totally wrong and your insults are pathetic. Try again. This time set aside your anger and think clearly before you say anything.


        Yeah setting aside anger isn’t most marine’s strong suits… pathetic attempts at insults is about right though.

  • Disgusted

    If you don’t think there is a problem peeing on dead bodies U have a problem. I am proud of our usmc but not if this is your attitude. I don’t care if I sound soft as a Christian and believer in Jesus Christ that’s just wrong. If you consider yourself a Christian I would ask that you do some soul searching.

  • Ferret152

    Dude I’ve been in the corps for three years now yes I’m still proud that Im a marine and proud I have served my country but until u leave the actual marine corps life shut the hell up bc if u knew all the stupid shit we deal with on a daily basis u would understand its just the marine corps has lot of dumb asses who don’t know how to treat people that’s right yes people we aren’t just pawns like the marine corps tears us like they give no fucks about us truly